Our offices provide specialist legal advice to the SME sector and in particular in the often complex area of corporate restructuring and business re-organizations. ​

Whether a business is being restructured for strategic/cost management reasons or ultimately as a last effort at avoiding insolvency, we offer pragmatic and cost-effective solutions.

Our offices act for clients/Accountants nationwide in this area and we provide clear and concise legal advices right across the SME Sector.

Our offices have extensively advised Directors, Creditors, and Liquidators on company law enforcement aspects of Corporate Governance/Corporate Insolvency such as:

  • Company Incorporations and Corporate Governance Advices/Advisory

  • Company Liquidations – Advices to Directors/Shareholders

  • Company Liquidations – Advices to Liquidators

  • Members Voluntary Liquidations/Creditors Voluntary Liquidations

  • Company – Examinership Applications

  • Company Re-Structuring & Schemes of Arrangements

  • Cross Border or Multi-Jurisdictional Litigation

  • Section 212 Company Shareholder Dispute Proceedings

  • Section 819 Company Director Restriction Proceedings

  • Section 839 Company Director Disqualification Proceedings

  • Useful Information Booklet on The Principal Duties & Powers of Company Directors under the Companies Act

Recent Case: Judgment: Lanskey Limited

Our offices acted in this Section 212 High Court Action & High Court Winding Up Petition.

Mr. Daniel Hughes was a Contributor to
The Bloomsbury Professional Publication in 2013:

“Buying & Selling Insolvent Companies & Businesses in Ireland”

“We strongly believe that SMEs are the cornerstone & backbone to the Irish economy”

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